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It's a new year!

Welcome to 2023! With a new year comes new possibilities, and it's the perfect time for non-profit organizations like ours to reach out and expand our reach and impact. As a non-profit focused on offering farrier scholarships, we are always on the lookout for eager and passionate applicants who want to pursue a career in this field. And this year, we're more dedicated than ever to find those students who are hungry to learn and grow in this industry.

If you're a student or know someone who is interested in becoming a farrier, we encourage you to apply for our scholarship program. We're looking for applicants who are passionate, driven, and dedicated to their craft. We want to hear about your experiences with horses, your academic achievements, and your long-term goals as a farrier.

So, what's in it for you? For starters, our scholarship program will help pay for your education, allowing you to focus on your studies and hone your skills as a farrier. You'll also have access to a network of like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about horses and hoof care as you are. And who knows - you may even be able to land a job in the industry after you graduate!

If you're ready to take the leap and pursue a career as a farrier, we're here to help. Check out our website for more information on how to apply for our scholarship program, or reach out to us directly with any questions you may have. Let's make 2021 the year of the farrier!


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