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Scholarship winners are selected based upon dedication, interest, and experience in the field, financial need, social and academic background, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement of aspirations and goals pertaining to becoming a Master Farrier. Applicants for the scholarship must be either enrolled, or recently graduated from an American Farrier school. Before the distribution of funds, verification of enrollment or recent graduation (within 3 years) is required. Of course, this scholarship and foundation would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. Over 65% of funds raised annually goes towards scholarship awards.

Application Details

JAFFFS provides scholarships for persons in financial need who have demonstrated an interest in farriery and/or equine dentistry, and who have independently acquired some of the basic skills of the Farrier trade. The scholarship will provide eligible student(s) annually a sum of $2000 to be used towards tuition, debt related to tuition, books, equipment, supplies, tools, living expenses, health insurance, certification through the American Farriers' Association, and other costs necessary to participate in Farrier training or further the trade of Farrier. Interviews will be scheduled with applicant finalist sometime between the second and last week in May per annum. 

Award Recipient Notification and Disbursement

Scholarship award recipient will be notified in writing via email and/or mail no later than June 15th per annum. Current and future Farrier school enrollee's scholarship funds will be deposited directly into recipients school account. In the event the applicant is a graduate of a U.S Farrier School within the designated timeline of 3 academic years or less, and intends to utilize the funds for the purchasing of supplies/tools, than a list of supplies/tools with prices must be submitted along with application. The applicant will receive disbursement of funds by way of check once receipts for equipment purchases are received, reviewed, and approved. Once trustees receive the awardees list, the process of approval and disbursement of funds should take no more than two (2) months.


Scholarships are offered on a racially nondiscriminatory basis. The J.A.F.F.F.S encourages students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to apply for the scholarship fund. J.A.F.F.F.S does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the acceptance of its applications, selection of its candidates, administration of scholarship funds, or participation in other scholarship-related programs.

Furthermore, J.A.F.F.F.S does not award scholarship on the basis of a particular class or employer.

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