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Past Farrier Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all our award winners! Each of these recipients were chosen based on their dedication to the equine industry, genuine love for horses, and an honest desire to serve their community. They have all demonstrated their leadership skills through their involvement in community service activities and independent acquisition of basic farrier school skills. We have no doubt that all of our farrier scholarship recipients will serve the farrier industry well and make the JAFFFS organization proud!


Scholarship Recipient
Jenna Solheim

2009 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Recipient
Derek Schueler

2011 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Recipient
Jeremy Scudder

2010 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Angelica Berwick

2013 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Skyler Stotts

2014 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Richard DuMond

2015 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Valerie Poyer

2016 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Elke Albrecht

2017 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Horse Legs
Lillian Kahl

2018 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth Sidebottom

2019 Farrier Scholarship Winner

rachel orvis headshot 2021 jafffs winner.jpeg
Rachel Orvis

2021 Farrier Scholarship Winner

Image by Matt Walsh

2023 Farrier Scholarship Winner

To learn more about each recipient, click on their picture and you will be directed to their biography.
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