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Rachael Orvis 2021

My name is Rachael Orvis, and I’m from Charlotte, Vermont. I have been riding horses since I was in diapers, and I currently live on a horse farm where I train young hunter/jumper horses and ponies alongside my boss. We start a lot of youngsters together, as well as wild mustangs from the BLM. I spend my free time rock climbing, hiking, and going on long hacks through the woods on my horse, Forest. When my college was shut down due to Covid-19, I began apprenticing with a local farrier and quickly fell in love with the trade. Farriery is a profession that combines art, biology, mechanics, physical athleticism, and of course, horses. All of these things peak my interest on their own, but when combined into the craft of farriery, they present me with endless opportunities to challenge myself, learn, and grow. I know that becoming a farrier will lead me toward an exciting and fulfilling career and future. My farriery career objectives revolve around working hard to become the best farrier I can possibly be. After spending roughly twenty years working with horses, I know that there is always something to learn from horses or from other people in the industry. I realize that farriery is a profession where community is especially important to one’s success. The farriers in my local area are all wonderful, kind, and helpful people, and I know that when I return from school, they will be vital to my continued education. Additionally, I am incredibly thankful for members of the extended farrier community, like the Jamison Albright Foundation, and their generosity in helping me make a positive impact on my local equine industry. Rachael Orvis Charlotte, VT

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