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Elizabeth Sidebottom 2019

I grew up showing, training, and raising halter and western performance horses. When I was about 12 years old my favorite and very best show horse was diagnosed with navicular. It was a struggle to find a farrier that was educated in the disease, communicated with us, and was consist about keeping a schedule and showing up. This experience is what first sparked my interest in equine lameness and corrective shoeing. In 2013 I graduated from Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture with an associates degree in Veterinary Technology, emphasis in equine health care. I obtained my vet tech license in the state of Iowa and worked at a clinic for a couple years. The vet I was working for was a phenomenal equine lameness vet. I assisted in many lameness and pre purchase exams. I worked along side the vet and the farrier, reading radiographs and developing treatment plans. This experience of course sparked my interest even more. In January 2019 I decided to attend Butler Professional Farrier School for their 6 week course. I plan to return this winter or early next year for their 6 week advanced course. My goals as a farrier are, of course, to establish and manage a successful business. I want to run my business in a way that gives the farrier industry back a good name. My business will be based on communication and honesty, from both myself and my clients. I will be riding with 3 different farriers this summer to gain the experience and further my knowlege. I would also like to spend some time with farriers that specialize in different disciplines. Such as, eventers, dressage, reiners, and gaited show horses. As a vet tech and a farrier I feel I can help bridge the gap between farriers, clients and vets, communicate about their horses lameness and what can and can not be done. Liz Sidebottom Battlecreek, IA

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