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Our Mission

The Jamison Albright Foundation for Farrier Scholarships (J.A.F.F.F.S) is a charitable trust established for the purpose of awarding scholarships to individuals interested in a career as a Farrier. We believe formal education is the best way to prepare individuals in the care and maintenance of the feet of the horse to ensure sound performance with minimal injury or risk to the animal. We hope the scholarship will help Farrier students develop a firm foundation to ensure a successful carreer as a certified Farrier.

What is a Farrier?
A specialist in the area of horse hoofcare including fabricating and adjusting horse shoes with knowledge of veterinarian medicine to address care of horses feet. 


Who is Jamison Albright? 





In Loving Memory

Jamison Albright
Feb 16, 1985-
May 2, 2008

On May 1, 2008, a young man with aspirations of becoming a "Legendary Farrier" passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident. His name was Jamison Michael
Albright. He developed his love for horses as a young child, spending every day before and after school tending to the horses at the local equestrian stable. After high school, he attended the Oklahoma Horse-shoeing School in Purcell to train as a 
Master Farrier.

He worked hard as a Farrier, never complaining about the long hours and strenuous work. He had an incredible gift with the massive animals, and they showed respect and trust in his abilities to care for them. In honor of his memory and love of the equine industry, a Charitable Trust has been created to honor his memory and help others achieve their dreams of becoming a Master Farrier. 

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