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​A Galliant Stallion

A Galliant Stallion with a will to survive
Charged steadfast into the dark night
Always bearing the cross to fight the fight
Whose fearless courage that late night
Led his spirit forever into the light

A free spirit was taken home
To a place with greener pasteurs to roam
A strong willed mind
With dreams still left behind

A believer in faith, God rests his soul
And leaves us to honor his goal
A passion for horses greater than gold
For that his legacy will always be told

May 2, 2008

Congratulations to the 2021 JAFFFS Award Winner, Miss Rachel Orvis!

The decision was tough! All the applicants were extremely qualified, driven, and dedicated to the equine field. We are a small foundation and regret we cannot award everyone a scholarship. But we are encouraged to know that so many capable and enthusiastic candidates are entering the field of farrier!

Thank you ALL for your dedication, commitment, and service to the field of Far

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